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Re: Mailing list reorganization summer 07, round 1

On Tue, 2007-07-17 at 01:32 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> Ah, chance to clear up one of my pet peeves.
> > 
> > And have these in the end:
> > 
> >  * fedora-devel-users
> > 
> >  * fedora-pkgs-commits
> fedora-cvs-commits is better or make it fedora-packages-commits. 
> packages makes it more clear and we are likely to be moving off cvs to a 
> distribute SCM.

I don't see why fedora-packages-commits is better than
fedora-pkgs-commits, but whatever.  As long as it's not

> >  * fedora-fesco
> Are we going to move to open archives? Atleast the board members should 
> have access to it. Previously this was extras specific but not anymore.

I think this whole list can just die.  If things really need to be
discussed in private (which most don't), an email alias similar to
rel-eng can be set up.

> > There was the idea to rename fedora-advisory-list to fedora-project
> > list. But fedora-advisory-list works well, so maybe it's better to not
> > touch it... Should we nevertheless create a fedora-project list as
> > discussion list for Fedora-wide things where different groups
> > (packagers, art, docs, EPEL, ...) can share informations -- we don't
> > have such a place currently and some people seem to miss it
> There is really no specific advisory board group anymore. This list is 
> open to all so a name change might be better and fedora-project list 
> sounds good. Do we need a fedora-ramblings list for random rants and news?

fedora-project is entirely too ambiguous as to what should be discussed
there.  "Project" is the most overloaded term we have in Fedora today.

I think the current name is just fine, but if you must rename it call it

> * reject HTML mail automatically with instructions on a wiki page to 
> enable text messages on their mail clients.

I think that should be avoided for fedora-list.  We don't want to punish
newbies with our plain-text elitism, nor can we possibly provide
instructions on how to do plain text for every email client out there.


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