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Re: Mailing list reorganization summer 07, round 1

I replied to some parts of this mail in the reply to jwb already. Some
more here:

On 16.07.2007 22:02, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
>> There was the idea to rename fedora-advisory-list to fedora-project
>> list. But fedora-advisory-list works well, so maybe it's better to not
>> touch it... Should we nevertheless create a fedora-project list as
>> discussion list for Fedora-wide things where different groups
>> (packagers, art, docs, EPEL, ...) can share informations -- we don't
>> have such a place currently and some people seem to miss it
> There is really no specific advisory board group anymore. This list is 
> open to all so a name change might be better and fedora-project list 
> sounds good. Do we need a fedora-ramblings list for random rants and news?

I fear this will become a problem. I'll think about it some more; see
also my to-be-written reply to Karsten (not sure yet if I'll find enough
time for that today)

> [...] 
>> === fedora-list ===
>> This is mostly a list where users help he other. fedora-users would thus
>> be a proper name that would make its use obvious. But would renaming be
>> worth the trouble? Maybe keep it in mind for the longer term
> Rename isn't worth the trouble IMO.

+1, nevertheless I wanted to list it

> [...]
>>   * fedora-art
>>   * fedora-websites

Gone from proposal.

> We need this. This has a active team with many art specific discussion.
>>   * fedora-xen
> Rename to fedora-virtualization since we now have kvm and shortly will 
> have lguest too.


BTW, sorry, I just mentioned this idea in another mail -- seems that was
not my idea and was instead your one which my mind picked up now (I
skimmed over your mail some hours ago already)

>>  * should we have a official mailing list coordinator that has to ACK
>> new mailing lists?
> FESCo might designate someone here. Warren Togami or Thomas Chung might 
> be interested.

I think this is something for the Board and FESCo.

But I more and more think we need such a coordinator, to avoid that each
and every SIG gets a own list. Sure, for some SIGs it makes sense, but I
find it unhelpful that for example the games-sig has it's own list, but
doesn't report much of their doings on the normal lists -- that IMHO
would be crucial to make sure non-lists members that maintain games in
Fedora know what's up (easy information flow) without following yet
another mailing list.

>> Suggested settings (can all be found on the first mailman settings page)
>>  * the reply-to should not be modified by mailman (first_strip_reply_to
>> = no)
>>  * the reply-to should point to the list (reply_goes_to_list = this list)
>>  * no explicit Reply-to-Address (reply_to_address = <empty> )
>>  * no tagging (subject_prefix = <empty> )
> [...]
> * Clean up web interface messages. Some of them refer to core and extras 
> for example and nearly all of them have not been updated for years.

Added to the proposal (as FIXME for now).


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