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Re: Codec buddy and Free software

ons, 18 07 2007 kl. 20:19 +0530, skrev Rahul Sundaram:

> I would like to get comments on whether folks here are favorable to 
> pointing to a third party repository from codec buddy (with appropriate 
> warnings and disclaimers). If this is considered something we wanted to 
> do we will consult with Red Hat legal to verify that is a legally safe 
> choice for us. Comments?

If we are going to do this it should be amply documented on the wiki why
we can now take this step after spending so much time saying it would be
a legal risk for Fedora. Just to avoid confusion and additional FUD. We
definitely should try to avoid repeating the Mono inclusion
communication problem, we get enough bad press as it is.

That being said, any legal way to improve the multimedia experience I am
sure would be welcomed by our users and I would definitely be in favor
of exploring this solution in full.

- David Nielsen

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