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Re: The Multimedia Question

On 7/19/07, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org> wrote:
seth vidal wrote:

> okay - then we're getting somewhere.
> we have a set of reasonable requirements which help the user AND
> educates them about whats going on.
> Who is lead on codec buddy right now?

Bastien Nocera (CC'ed) was working on it. He submitted the codeina
package for review.

This still leaves my original question of whether we want to be linking
to a third party repository and making it easy to installing plugins
from it a click through process unanswered. The consensus on that seems
to be: Ask Legal first.

I'd strongly suggest having more detail than that in anything you
propose to legal.

* who will choose what that points at?
* where (geography, hardware) will they be hosted, and by who?
* will it be source-available-but-patent-encumbered only? or will it
include no-source options? or some other line?
* what type of education do you plan to do? might it admit (or not)
that there is a belief or public allegation that patents are
infringed? if it does not, how is the whole exercise publicly

I have no idea what the "right" answers to these questions are, but if
you have at least *some* answer to them the conversation with legal
will be smoother- if nothing else you'll have a place to start
discussion and you'll show you've given some consideration to the


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