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Fedora Project Board Recap 2007-JUL-17


== Roll Call ==

Attendees Max Spevack, Seth Vidal, John Poelstra, Matt Domsch, Steve Dickson, Bill Nottingham, Jef Spaleta, Karsten Wade, and Dennis Gilmore

Absent: Chris Blizzard, Chris Aillon

== Summer of Content ==
 * Fedora would like to participate and cosponsor
 * Put forth 3 or 4 internships
 * On a short time line (3 weeks)--will need to identify people in advance
 * http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Summer_of_Content_2007
 * Karsten Wade to make it all happen

== Fedora Training Program ==
* Online program is under design internally for Red Hat employees that package for Fedora
 * Will be made available publicly for everyone once completed

== Virtual FUDCon ==
 * Still would like to do it
* Jef will look at feature drivers over the next few days and collaborate with Rahul
 * Check back in with board on Thursday to double-check on viability

== Fedora Mailing List (Re)Organization ==
  * Working out most details on fedora-advisory-board list
  * Renaming of mailing lists is a not a road we want to go down
     a. Reasons discussed on fedora-advisory-board list
     a. Needless hassle for little gain + loss of contributors
  * Use lists.fedoraproject.org alias
    * Keep mailing lists inside Red Hat infrastructure
       * Do not fix what is not broken
* Fedora Infrastructure is the liaison, manages community mailing list requests

== Membership to fedora-board-list ==
* Should previous board members remain on fedora-board-list after their term is complete?
 * Current members will vote on fedora-board-list to decide
   * Max to organize and tally the votes

== GPLv3 Discussion ==
 * Karsten will start drafting a wiki page that addresses important issues
 * Keep an eye on projects making license changes
 * Have FESCo investigate the best way to track license by package

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