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Re: The Multimedia Question

On 7/20/07, Jack Aboutboul <jaboutboul speakeasy net> wrote:
Umm, here might be the dumb idea of the day, why don't we speak to
thomas about creating a respin with the codecs under the auspices of
fluendo and lets see how popular that becomes.  Let fluendo take control
of it, there is really minimal work they need to do.  Let fluendo
Release it as a one-off special edition or whatever.

So fluendo would obviously have to rebrand this not to use the Fedora
brand at all. If they go ahead and do this, which i think is a
perfectly fine idea, I'd still like there to be a bridge to show this
is associated with a larger fedora community effort, even though its
not a fedora official spin.

Is there any way we could establish a new mark that signifies fedora
derived for experiments like this to use that doesn't cause trademark
law problems for the official fedora mark?


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