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Re: rawhide and Fedora QA [was Re: why I'm using Ubuntu instead of Fedora ATM]

On 7/23/07, Luis Villa <luis tieguy org> wrote:
On 7/23/07, Karsten Wade <kwade redhat com> wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-07-23 at 18:51 -0400, Luis Villa wrote:
> > (Apologies for the lag, life has been a little crazy of late; I've
> > been trying to escape from the computer when not actually needing to
> > be in front of it :)
> Let me know how that works out. ;-)
> (Myself, I just combine - right now I'm making plum jam, cooking dinner
> for the family, cleaning the kitchen, making a blessed cup of coffee,
> and my mind is thinking and writing.)
> > I was told in IRC that my Fedora account (non-bugzilla) needed a
> > particular group, which appeared to be confirmed by:
> > http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/#head-69a2fdca9900f61c9b53d353b2bc5b09d58fdf70
> On the face of it, it seems broken to require anything more than a plain
> ol' bugzilla account to file and comment on bugs, and close any you
> filed.  I insist on the need for the account so there is a way to
> contact a reporter - email address thereby being the sole requirement.

I want to do more than that; I want to help triage and organize bugs.
But apparently that requires a fedora account.

More generally, the wiki implies that any contribution (even bug
filing) requires a Fedora account.

> > QA, really. The CLA is just one symptom of that; the lack of
> > information about rawhide; the poor treatment of updates-testing users
> > (things broken for many days, which discourages people from using
> > updates-testing at all); the lack of usable definitions for
> > severity/priority all jump out.
> Is there a list like this on the Wiki?  Somewhere we can prioritize and
> account for shortfall.

I don't believe so. I'm not into creating pages on wikis when no one
seems to acknowledge

Oops. '...when no one seems to acknowledge there is a problem which
needs to be documentated in the wiki.'


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