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Re: Target market?

On Mon, 23 Jul 2007 22:10:46 -0400
Bill Nottingham <notting redhat com> wrote:

> But does Fedora have any goals?

Snipping out a lot of interesting points.

Why can't we do all of them?  Probably because we don't have any clear
leaders for any of that.  We're getting to the point where we might
have clear(ish) leaders for a given Feature or two, but nothing beyond
that.  With our new ability to cut the distro up in many ways, you'd
think it would be easy for a clear leader that wanted to do $Foo with
Fedora to drive a cut of the package set specifically designed and
configured to do $Foo, and reach out to the audience for $Foo.  I tried
to do that a little bit with F7, but due to A) it being really new, and
B) breaking the world for the merger things didn't shake out well, and
what we wound up with was another release that looked just like the one
before.  Now there isn't that much incentive to put a lot of effort
into being able to customize spins more than just "what packages are in
it" because we aren't doing anything like that ourselves.  I tried to
kickstart the 'Desktop' spin, but that was a lot like the LiveCD and
that's OK, no biggie.  Some of these markets aren't really the right
place for a traditional installer of choose your own adventure.
They're more like the Live installer where you get what you get and
you'll like it (and you can customize if you want with a gui tool after
the fact).

So, if there is /anybody/ in the 'verse that wants to pursue one of the
aforementioned targets, or one we haven't talked about yet, by all
means throw up a feature to do a cut of Fedora for that market.
Deliver it via traditional install media, via Live media, via something
we haven't thought of yet, or all of the above.  Figure out what you
would like to change or reconfigure for this target, and help us define
a way to commonly make these changes across our various outputs so that
the next target can use it too.  We seem to have a lot of sous chefs
which are busy doing what they know, but no executive chefs with a
grand vision of what will be on tomorrow's menus.

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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