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Re: Target market?

Luis Villa (luis tieguy org) said: 
>> but you haven't been talking about that - you've been talking about spit
>> and polish which sounds more like integration -
>> choose-your-own-adventure and integration seem fairly antithetical
>> unless you have N teams for each adventure type doing the integration.
> Not necessarily antithetical. After all, anyone who uses the thing as
> a base for their distro is going to want the base to be solid and
> well-integrated. Taking that route probably would mean that desktop
> polish is a lower priority than polishing the tools for making
> derivatives, though.

Sure, but right now the base is GNOME, KDE, XFCE, development, eclipse,
etc., plus a server core. That's a *lot* of polish to be doing, unless
you shrink the base. Also, it's entirely possible that you're polishing
in different ways if you're doing the choose-your-own-adventure core
(do you want firefox? epiphany+webkit? konq on GNOME?) vs a tightly
coupled desktop. See the recent OnlyShowIn thread for examples.

I suspect this is the path of least resistance, though - we're already
doing it in one way or another now, and it doesn't require Fedora to
scare up more resources.

That being said, it's unlikely this is the way to drastic world
domination, or attacking other operating system's buzz factor - after
all, what end user wants to *build their own OS*? They just want
something that works that lets them do what they want.


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