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Re: The Multimedia Question

On 7/23/07, Karsten Wade <kwade redhat com> wrote:
This is therefore a different discussion, but closely related to, the
"what will we allow in Fedora proper" question.

Can we define a set of criteria whereby "Foo, a Fedora Community
Derivative" is possible?

I really really want to. My desire for this is so strong in fact that
I have unconsciously warped space-time so that a way to achieve this
goal has been spontaneous created such that it appears as if the
criteria to achieve this has always existed.  We just have to help the
lawyers see that my will is supreme and they just need to accept it.

How different is that criteria from what goes
into what we mark as "Fedora"?

I want a mark, that implies nothing more and nothing less than
"Contains material derived from Fedora Community"  I absolutely do not
care if the mark is enforceable or policable in any way. I don't want
lawyers to care about it at all, beyond feeling comfortable that it is
different enough from the official Fedora marks that the official
Fedora mark is not diluted by the existence of the unpoliced use of
new mark.  I want such a mark to be available for use by anyone who
feels they can legitimately claim that the work to which it is
attached is part of an ecosystem of community effort touched in some
way by the work going on In the Fedora community.

If we can't actually say "derived from the Fedora community" and keep
the lawyers happy, then we can just say "Community derived" and
co-brand all the official Fedora spins together whichever derivative
spins will be a part of the launch of the new mark.  I want something
instantly distinguishable that says, these distributions and projects
are related as peers in the same, larger space of community

-jef"maybe i should say distilled instead of derived... Moonshine is
distilled afterall"spaleta

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