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Re: The Multimedia Question

On Mon, 23 Jul 2007 22:40:41 -0500
Matt Domsch <matt domsch com> wrote:

> (for the hypothetical and generic "I").
> I don't want to re-brand. :-)  I want something quick and simple.  At
> the moment, I'm required to re-brand in order to publish it to a web
> site for someone else to download.  jeremy's quite useful comment
> over here:
>    http://direct2dell.com/one2one/archive/2007/07/16/21242.aspx#comments
> is accurate, but I've got to remove and add a replacement system-logos
> package, which is more work.  (As an aside, the CentOS folks don't
> require you to change the software if you don't want to.  You do wind
> up with their logo in a few places, but at least you didn't have to
> spin the package before sharing your work with your friends.
> http://centos.org/modules/smartfaq/faq.php?faqid=49)
> I'd love the behavior to be runtime-driven rather than buildtime
> driven - e.g. if there's a logo in a certain directory at runtime, use
> that, else use something else or nothing..

Yes it would be useful to be able to pull system-logos and have generic
logos take it's place.  How that would be handled with rpm deps... not

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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