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Re: Fedora Social Contract

Yaakov Nemoy wrote:

I'm still a little new to the Fedora world, but I keep seeing this
theme of Fedora used to be Red Hat, and controlled entirely by Red
Hat.  Now it's a community effort that Red Hat has a controlling
interest in.  Red Hat certainly wants this to be a community distro,
and just five minutes of browsing shows me about 20 different ways I
can join the community to help out.  If i'm Joe Skeptic though, what
guarantee is there that I'm really helping the community, and not Red

Why do you need that guarantee? If you want to exclude Red Hat from benefiting in anyway at all then your contributions has to be restricted to prevent Red Hat from using it and such a contribution is obviously non-free and won't be included in Fedora either.

A open "community" benefit is also inclusive of Red Hat. Any contribution under a open license that you contribute can be taken in by anyone including commercial vendors. If you contribute to any Free and open source software, Red Hat might be benefiting from it and any contributions that Red Hat makes benefits everyone including the competition. This is by design. A social contract isn't going to change any of this.

Our objectives (and guarantees) are clearly described in http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Objectives.


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