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Re: Fedora Social Contract

Yaakov Nemoy wrote:

I'm still a little new to the Fedora world, but I keep seeing this
theme of Fedora used to be Red Hat, and controlled entirely by Red
Hat.  Now it's a community effort that Red Hat has a controlling
interest in.  Red Hat certainly wants this to be a community distro,
and just five minutes of browsing shows me about 20 different ways I
can join the community to help out.  If i'm Joe Skeptic though, what
guarantee is there that I'm really helping the community, and not Red
Hat?  What sets Fedora apart from Red Hat.  What is the 'community'
that these Red Hat engineers are talking about?  These are the growing
pains I refer to.  There are many other of course, but I can't solve
them all :P

A social contract would be a document that we are all bound to.  It
would define this community in no uncertain terms.  It might be a
while before it's accepted widely, but it could go a long way to help
people understand the relationship between Fedora and Red Hat better.

How our contributions are used is not an issue for most. I would hope that most of us do what we do for Linux as a whole, good for Fedora, Red Hat, Suse, Ubuntu and so on. I know I would not want limits on my contributions that would prevent other distros from using them, improving them or even profiting from them provided they follow the license.

Fedora just happens to be my distro of choice and the avenue I choose for being a part of the greater Linux community.

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