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Fedora Board Recap 2007-JUL-24


== Roll Call ==

Attendees: Seth Vidal, John Poelstra, Karsten Wade, Matt Domsch, Chris Aillon, Jef Spaleta, Bill Nottingham, and Dennis Gilmore

Regrets: Steve Dickson, Chris Blizzard, Max Spevack

== Multimedia Discussion ==
* Request from Jack Aboutboul to discuss non-free codecs being included as presently being discussed on fedora-advisory list.
* Not discussed.
Decision: best to continue discussion on fedora-advisory list for the time being

== Strictifying fedora-board-list ==
* Majority of present board members voted to limit list membership to present board members and specially appointed people.
* Max needs to adjust list after return from vacation

== Freeze for F8 Test1 ==
* Simple reminder to board
* Freeze is today (2007-07-24)
* F8 Test 1 Release is slated for next thursday * Need to notify mirrors * Matt will follow up with Jesse and notify mirrors

== Virtual FUDCon Update ==
* Jef will start thread on fedora-advisory list and then start creating a wiki page with a schedule
* Looking at a block of time (2 or three hours) each day from 2007-aug-03 to 2007-aug-07
* Have presentations by feature owners
* Could we pull together resources for an Asterisk server?
  * Karsten will scope out resources needed
  * Dennis will help set things up once scoped out by Karsten
  * If Asterisk doesn't work we need to have a fall back plan like a regular conference system

== Update on Feature Process ==
* John reported that so far things seem to be going well
* First round of approvals last week
* Seems to have helped to create lines of communication between related features

== Targeted Audience Discussion ==
* Topic sparked by thread on fedora-advisory-list
* If Fedora can do a better job of defining its market then marketing can be better targeted
  * Raises question about how good Fedora's marketing is?
  * Is planet.fedoraproject.org marketing?
  * How could Fedora Marketing be improved?
* What we can advertise as "exciting and new in Fedora 8" and how can we go about doing that?
* Observations from Chris Aillon's GUADEC experiences
  * Contrast between Fedora CD artwork and Ubuntu's very distinct
  * Firefox being used as a platform
  * Online desktop very well received
    * Backing from Gnome Foundation
    * Verbal backing from some of the other distros
    * Might be an area Fedora should consider targeting
      * ACTION: invite Havoc to a future meeting
    * Every application needs to be more "on-line aware"
  * Ubuntu seems to be doing a good job focusing developers on specific initiatives

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