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Fedora Board Recap 2007-JUN-12

Please make corrections and clarifications to the wiki page.

== Attendees ==
Paul Frields, Rex Dieter, Matt Domsch, Max Spevack, Greg DeKoenigsberg, Chris Blizzard, Bill Nottingham, Jeremy Katz, Spot Calloway, John Poelstra, and Karsten Wade.

== Discussion of Secondary Arches ==
* Blizzard proposed ARM as a secondary Fedora architecture
  * Community run under FESCo following the same processes as other secondary arches
* Additional discussion around whether PPC should remain a primary architecture
* It is valuable to Fedora as a whole to have both big and small endian architectures in active use and testing.

* PPC will remain a primary architecture until:
 1. secondary arch process is finalized
 1. there are no other secondary architectures
* Board approves and welcomes ARM as a secondary architecture

== FUDCon F8 ==
* Location with will be Raleigh, North Carolina
* Discussed pros and cons of two different dates: August 3rd to 5th or August 17th to 19th

Decision: Max will check on location for both dates by June 15th.  This may help to determine which date it actually happens on.  Presently leaning towards August 3rd to 5th, *but no decision has been made*.

== Fedora Advisory Board Membership ==
* Election nomination announcement posted by Max to fill three community seats

== Documentation Update ==
* Update from Karsten Wade
* Migration is under way from elvis.redhat.com (Red Hat's internal CVS for translation work) to Fedora CVS. * Jeremy and Bill assisting
  * Have ticket open with Red Hat engineering services to make sure process does not interrupt Red Hat's translation processes.

== Features and Scheduling ==
* Board officially sanctioned John Poelstra to formulate and start the feature process for the next releases of Fedora.
 * John to circulate a proposed feature process to fedora-devel no later than June 21, 2007.
 * John to propose a feature freeze date and schedule in consultation with Fedora Release Engineering.
 * Schedule and feature process will be submitted to FESCO after public review and discussion on fedora-devel

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