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Fedora Board Recap 2007-JUN-26


== Attendees ==

Rex Dieter, Max Spevack, Bill Nottingham, Jeremy Katz, Seth Vidal, Karsten Wade, and John Poelstra.

== Discussion of Secondary Arches ==
* Touched base.  Nothing new to discuss

== FUDCon F8 ==
* Unable to find a location so far
* Concerned about cost and return on investment considering short time to plan FUDCon combined with short time frame of F8 release cycle
* Possible locations for future FUDCons:
  * Stanford, Chicago, Portland, Boston, Raleigh, Toronto
  * There could be more--continue to brainstorm

* Unanimously agree that FUDCon F8 does not seem like a wise idea considering the circumstances
* Start planning FUDCon F9 now--Max will lead effort.
* Max will send out separate email explaining why.

== Fedora Project Board Membership ==
* Nominations close in two days
* More candidates than open seats which is a good thing

Decision: None to make

== Responsibilities of Fedora Board and FESCo ==
* Short discussion about Max's email and resulting thread
  * https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-advisory-board/2007-June/msg00022.html
  * Concern that FESCo's current role and responsibilities are not clearly documented on the wiki

Decision: Using the content from his original email, Max will make sure that a wiki page specific to FESCo's current role and responsibilities is present and accurate.

== Future IRC meetings ==
* Will consider resuming once the new board is elected and in place

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