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On Mon, 2007-03-12 at 14:58 -0800, Karsten Wade wrote:
> A task I took from FUDCon was to write up a human-speak CLA, as well as
> figure out the level of hoops people need to go through to contribute at
> various levels.

This is all covered.  Results are:

        * Plain-English CLA is nixed on simple grounds -- basically,
        Fedora is not your lawyer, and interpreting a legal document is
        providing legal advice.

        * CLA hierarchies are cleared for usage.

Wherever I post the policy, it comes down to this:

        A. Content (code, etc.) that goes into an RPM package must be
        covered by a GPG-signed CLA.

        B. Content that is for collaboration (wiki) must be covered by
        the CLA, but it can be a click-through agreement.

So, I can take content on the Wiki that is click-through covered (and
under the OPL therefore), move it to e.g. the release notes and put that
in CVS (with my GPG-signed cla_done permissions.)  This is an analogue
to taking patches via bugzilla and mailing lists.

Next steps are:

        1. Enable click-through for new accounts
        2. Populate that click-through with the CLA
        3. Update the WikiLicense to reflect CLA + OPL
        4. Remove EditGroup ACL site-wide so people can complete
        registration 100% self-service

We'll let you know when that is done.  At that point, I think an
announcement is in order.

- Karsten
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