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Board Meeting recap and IRC log for 2007-05-01


= Fedora Project Board Meeting (2007-05-01) =
 * IRC only, no telephone conference

== Role Call ==
* Present: mspevack, blizzard, skvidal, stickster, jeremy, notting, mdomsch
 * Absent: rdieter, mether, gregdek

== FESCO/Board/Sub-project governance starting with F8 ==
* Lengthy discussion about what FESCO's role and responsibilities should be
 * Read the IRC log (below) for all the juicy discussion
 * Lots of ideas discussed, no hard decisions reached
 * Post your thoughts to the list

== EPEL ==
* bpepple: I don't believe there's anything FESCo needs decided right now by the Board. * political problems right now with some 3rd party repos/packager's request that we add repotags--knurd will report to the list in a week or so

== Other Topics for Discussion ==
 * Merge happening at noon Wednesday
* PPC box is on the way to the data center, the x86 builder is already there but not racked AFAIK (mmcgrath). * f13 has started a thread where people recommend names for the release? Ie: Bordeaux, Zod, ???
 * mdomsch comments briefly on Dell's going to pre-isntall ubuntu
* the decision was easy: look at dellideastorm.com, and 80% of the people on there asked for Ubuntu * we only have the resources to factory install one, but we'll post links to other Distro's web pages that list certifications, if they exist

== Next meeting ==
 * No board meeting next week due to RH Summit in San Diego.
 * TBD

== IRC Log ==


Please make corrections to the wiki if I misrepresented something.


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