Everything spin?

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Mon May 7 22:06:40 UTC 2007


This one seems to be still cat on the wall. Can I get a final word on 
whether there would a be a spin of all packages in Fedora 7? I would 
prefer this. I have heard of two oppositions so far

Mirror space:  I think we can do a torrent only release and let any 
mirrors carry it if they want to.

Not enough testing:  Since we didn't do such a spin for the test 
releases  this can be problematic but I think most of the popular 
packages were already tested to a good extent in the other spins. Might 
call it a experimental spin for this release if that helps.

I would prefer having such a spin for this release since there are folks 
around who don't have much of net access and require packages to be 
available on the media to be of any use to them.


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