3 development process improvements

Max Spevack mspevack at redhat.com
Thu Nov 8 21:55:45 UTC 2007

It is very rare that Fedora developers actually talk to each other on 
the phone (as opposed to IRC), but jkeating, mmcgrath, and I were just 
having a quick chat.

Three general points that I jotted down for further email discussion:

(1) pick a release name sooner in the cycle so that artwork, marketing 
materials, and web content can be finished sooner.

(2) get web content finished at a specific deadline in the schedule 
(maybe same as string freeze?)

(3) more dedicated feature QA/smoke-testing.  Ask feature owners, as we 
get to the pre-release time, to do a fresh install and sanity check 
their feature to make sure it looks and operates the way it should.

Just some suggestions for further discussion here, or on 

still happy about today's release,

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