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Fedora Board Recap 2007-OCT-09


== Roll Call ==

Attendees: Chris Aillon, Steve Dickson, Bill Nottingham, Matt Domsch, Karsten Wade, Max Spevack, Chris Blizzard, Jef Spaleta, Dennis Gilmore, and John Poelstra

Regrets: Seth Vidal

== Spec File Licenses ==
* Red Hat Legal says they should be as open and licensed just like everything else
* Choice of license is either "same as the package itself" or something extremely permissive like MIT/X11.

== Google Start page ==
* Things are moving forward with Fedora's previous requests being honored
* Agreement has not yet been signed.

== PPC ==
* Releasing F8 ISOs the same as we have with previous releases. * Revisit for F9 based on the strength of the Fedora PPC developer community, and the progress being made in support of Secondary Architectures.

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