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Re: Fedora Games Spin : Requesting Board Approval

On Thu, 2007-09-27 at 21:10 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> We would like to request Fedora Project Board's approval on having this 
> as part of the official release for Fedora 8 starting with test 3.

Honestly?  I think it's too late for F8[1].  The other live images that
are being done were pushed to have things that were testable for the
feature freeze (test2).  This coming in at the last minute means that
they're going to say why couldn't they wait.

And really, there's something bigger here.  We need to be able to have
groups (such as the Games SIG) able to create and build their own live
images and make them available without requiring the overhead of 
1) Release engineering being involved to actually do the build[2]
2) Being able to do their own testing, etc.  As it is, Will can't try
all the combinations of everything.  Adding more doesn't help.
3) Be able to have releases that aren't carried by all mirrors.  Because
the explosion of images is going to be a lot of space on mirrors which
isn't necessarily practical given how "popular" they are

Also, we really need to be able to have a better way of guiding people
to the best option for them to download...  with Fedora 7, things had
enough confusion.  As we add more to the matrix, it only gets more so.


[1] At least, to have as a spin that's done by release engineering,
carried by all the mirrors, etc.  I'd love to see it done, though, and
have us solve some of the problems so that we can make it easier for
groups to start up their own spins like this
[2] I only scale so much.  Right now, Fedora 8 is already at twice as
many live images to build and test as Fedora 7... and Fedora 7's number
was plenty for one person

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