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Mon Apr 21 22:09:28 UTC 2008

Since the Fedora Board originally formed in 2006, the Fedora Project has
changed quite a bit.  We now have about two-thirds of our packages
maintained by volunteer community members.  Our technical steering
committee, FESCo, is made up of a roughly even mix of volunteers and Red
Hat employees.  This community has developed and enforced its own high
standards and done it in an open and transparent fashion in the best
tradition of open source.

And through all of these efforts, we've helped build a community of
contributors -- not just people who *use* Fedora, but people who *give
back* to the open source ecosystem, and their fellow human beings.  

I'm very pleased to report that with the post-Fedora 9 election, the
Board composition will be a better reflection of the strides our
community has made in self-organization and self-governance, and of our
healthy partnership with Red Hat.  Starting with this election, the
Board will move to a composition of five (5) community-elected seats and
four (4) Red Hat-appointed seats.  This is an issue I've been advocating
over the past couple of weeks, and I'm delighted to be able to make this
change following my first release as Fedora Project Leader.  I look at
this as a significant step in the evolution of the Board and Fedora's
governance overall.

The rest of the Board and I look forward to the elections, and to the
continued opportunity to serve everyone in the Fedora community.  We
appreciate the support and the trust you give us, and will always work
hard to earn it.  Thanks for reading!

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