Fedora Board Recap 2008-JAN-29

Karsten 'quaid' Wade kwade at redhat.com
Sat Feb 2 15:59:24 UTC 2008

On Fri, 2008-02-01 at 20:48 -0600, Josh Boyer wrote:
> On Fri, 01 Feb 2008 14:30:08 -0800
> John Poelstra <poelstra at redhat.com> wrote:

> > 
> > === Timeliness & Format of Board Minutes ===
> I'd like to state that these minutes are improved from the ones in the
> recent past.  Thank you.

Thanks backatcha; knowledge of where something sucks helps in knowing
what to improve.

> >   * ACTIONS:
> >     * Talk to Mike McGrath and Infrastructure team to determine 
> > technical hurdles
> >     * Engage community to help overcome technical hurdles
> Technical hurdles such as what?  Every other SIG/Committee gets by with
> public IRC meetings just fine...

For example, we discussed having an audio call that people could listen
in on (live) and record for later.  IRC is an obvious fall-back, but it
is definitely a lower resolution format than teleconference.  IME, a
rough estimate is that an IRC meeting can only address 30% of the
material that you can cover in a voice call.  This would reduce the
amount of business that can be handled by ~16% month-over-month.
Teleconferences also give room for going over the allotted time without
bumping against someone else waiting to use the meeting channel; the
Board calls occasionally go over 1 hour in order to fit in all business.

One of the reasons I am excited about Fedora using VoIP for contributors
is the increased amount of business that can be done while forming
stronger social bonds.  The risk is the increased difficulty in others
listening in, participating, and catching up later for meetings.
Resolving this better for Board calls should help everyone who uses
teleconf for meetings.

> > === Use of Fedora Name/Trademark ===
> >   * What is required for a package or a project to carry the Fedora name?
> >   * Need to publish guidelines on wiki
> >   * OWNER: Max Spevack
> >   * ACTION: post proposal to fedora-advisory-board-list
> What about a relaxed trademark policy?  Something like that could also
> tie in with the subject below.

What is a relaxed trademark policy?

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