codec buddy, fluendo, etc.

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at
Fri Feb 8 20:04:51 UTC 2008

On Feb 8, 2008 10:30 AM, seth vidal <skvidal at> wrote:
> do we invite gnome developers to discussion about gnome in the distro?
> Not generally.

Do we have a significant problem with gnome as it is in the distro?
I've no problem making an extra effort at inviting people I think are
stakeholders to a discussion about addressing a problem. I don't think
the board should be restrained from doing it either.

If its an open forum, even if its structured, in terms of how people
que up to speak, inviting stakeholders to participate certainty isn't
collusion.  I can't see how we have a legit open discussion about this
unless fluendo's pov is represented.  It's not like we can ignore the
fact that the biggest problem with codeina as we implement it is the
ready access to the for-pay stuff fluendo offers.  Not just in terms
of project policy, but also technically. Aren't the fluendo items
running afoul of default selinux settings because they are using
intel's compiler?

> > > It puts us into a precarious political and ethical situation. So I see
> > > very little good from it at this point.

I'll make a bolder statement... there is very little good associated
with any issue involving patent encumbered codecs or data formats
generally.  I don't care what we do, we're not going to end up with a
good outcome.  I'd like to actually have something like miro in
fedora, making use of codeina, so that we can actually have a
constructive forward looking conversation with miro and its sponsors
about going the next step and actually helping to produce good open
format editting tools to start bootstrapping our way out of this
frelling mess.  I'm very unhappy on where miro stance on 'format wars'
 They've taken a complete pass on the very issue.  If we take a
complete pass as well, we'll give developers in this space a reason to
ignore us.

The whole thing blows big monkey chunks.  The fact that you need this
crap to make flash usable is going to be an increasing more and more
painful, because in the bright kickass future of web 2.0 and online
desktop....we are screwed because flash is an integral part of this
stuff when it comes to video.

What if codeina was reworked such that by default we only made no-cost
items available by default after the education page?

What if codeina was reworked such that different service providers
could drop in support for their codecs? For example, so that
livna/rpmfusion could configure codeina when the release rpm was

If the Fluendo can task people to halp make those sorts of changes
isn't worth inviting them to a discussion?


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