[Ambassadors] Fedora EMEA and Trademark Usage

Gerold Kassube gerold at lugd.org
Sun Feb 24 20:56:57 UTC 2008

Hi Paul and Fedora Board,

Thanks everybody who is/was involved in this discussion and decission
which is positivly made for all of us.
It will be a pleasure for us to bring point 3 of your mail to your
attention. Would you please so kind and define us your wishes what you
like to have in that report that we can create it or a given template?
That would be really nice to see how we can please you as you want
it :-)

Thanks in advance and kind regards


Am Samstag, den 23.02.2008, 09:00 -0500 schrieb Paul W. Frields:
> The Fedora Board grants permission to use the FEDORA trademarks to the
> new Fedora EMEA group, provided that it:
> 1.  furthers the Fedora Project's mission, adheres to its principles,
> and uses proceeds exclusively for those purposes;
> 2.  promotes the Fedora brand in a consistent, positive, and
> constructive way; and,
> 3.  makes a quarterly report to the Fedora Project Board.
> The Fedora Project Board retains the rights to make its decisions
> whether to permit usage of the FEDORA trademarks on a case by case
> basis, and to limit or withdraw permission to use the Fedora trademarks
> for any reason and at any time.
> Previously, the Fedora Project has granted limited trademark use
> permissions to the following unaffiliated groups:  Fedora News, Fedora
> Forum, Fedora FAQ, Fedora Unity, and Fedora France.
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