Fedora Board Recap 2008-JAN-29

John Poelstra poelstra at redhat.com
Fri Feb 1 22:30:08 UTC 2008

== Roll Call ==

Attendees: Max Spevack, Jef Spaleta, John Poelstra, Paul Frields, Steve 
Dickson, Seth Vidal, Bill Nottingham, Chris Aillon, Dennis Gilmore, 
Karsten Wade, and Matt Domsch

Regrets: Jack Aboutboul

== Followup to Unresolved Business ==

=== Red Hat Summit and FUDCon ===
  * Max & Greg are tracking down all details going forward.
    * One or both of them attend an internal weekly meeting to discuss 
  * Tentative dates for FUDCon will be Thurs, Friday, and Saturday
  * FUDCon part of conference will be free
  * Still working out details so that FUDCon attendees can visit Expo floor

=== Contributor satisfaction ===
  * Schedule session for FUDCon in June
  * Unclear what best means of obtaining constructive feedback is
  * People remain free to comment on mailing lists

=== Board Goals For This Year ===
  * Brainstorming to be moved to fedora-board-list
  * Will revisit once Paul is underway as Fedora Project Leader
  * ACTION: check back on status in one month
  * OWNER: Paul Frields

=== fedoraproject.org mail ===
  * Take steps to approach changes that were requested in the past
  * Could we create a better start and search page for Fedora mailing list?
  * ACTION: check back on status in one month
  * OWNER: Dennis Gilmore

== New Business ==

=== Timeliness & Format of Board Minutes ===
  * Will seek to alleviate concerns raised on 
fedora-advisory-board-list at redhat.com by holding public meetings
    * Once each month
    * Targeted start date March 2008.
    * Talk to Mike McGrath and Infrastructure team to determine 
technical hurdles
    * Engage community to help overcome technical hurdles
  * OWNER: Paul Frields

=== Job of the Fedora Board ===
  * Discussion resulted from fedora-advisory-board-list thread
  * Clarify roles and responsibilities of the board and make wiki pages 
more specific
  * ACTION: check back on status in one month
  * OWNER: Paul Frields

=== Use of Fedora Name/Trademark ===
  * What is required for a package or a project to carry the Fedora name?
  * Need to publish guidelines on wiki
  * OWNER: Max Spevack
  * ACTION: post proposal to fedora-advisory-board-list

=== Can Fedora Allow Anonymous Contributors? ===
  * Discussion resulted from fedora-advisory-board-list thread
  * The Board agreed unanimously with the consensus from the f-a-b 
discussion of why anonymity does not work for Fedora
    1. The ability to redistribute content is dependent on being able to 
affirm the intellectual property rights of all the people who have 
touched that content.
    1. The Fedora Project cannot guarantee to protect the identity of 
users in the account system.
  * Reference: 

=== Post-release updates of custom spins ===
  * Should the board have to approve them?
  * We will hosts as many spins as we have space for
  * Need to determine the hosting requirements and limits
  * How long will spins stay around?
  * ACTION: Request that Rahul Sundaram write a policy that would meet 
his requirements and those of others
  * OWNER: Jef Spaleta

=== Approving XFCE spin ===
  * http://sundaram.fedorapeople.org/livecd-fedora-8-xfce.ks
  * ACTION: Board needs to verify spin and post results to 
  * OWNER: Seth Vidal

== Future Business ==

=== Google Start Page Update ===
  * Project changing ownership within Red Hat to Greg Dekoenigsberg
  * Have Greg make presentation to Fedora Board in two weeks
  * OWNER: Karsten Wade

=== Community Architecture Update ===
  * Max Spevack

=== Next Meeting Time & Date ===
  * Wednesday @ 12 PM EST, Feburary 6, 2008

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