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The fedora-board-list is a closed list used by the Fedora Board to
discuss issues of a sensitive nature.  Most corporate and governmental
boards have a similar resource, sometimes called the "executive
session."  It's something we try to use as little as possible, because
the decisions made in Fedora need to be as open and transparent as

After elections and other turnovers, the Board typically culls its
membership list to remove non-active members and make sure that it does
not turn into an "alternate FAB list," where discussions might be held
in place of moving them into the public eye.  We all want Fedora to
maintain the absolute maximum of openness and transparency everywhere,
all the time.

After a previous election of Board members, the Board looked at the
swelling fedora-board-list membership.  They saw that the number of
people on the list (A) made confidentiality a more difficult
proposition, and (B) promoted longer discussions with the potential to
turn away from the more public and open FAB list.  The Board therefore
voted[1] to enact a policy whereby only current Board members and
specially appointed people should remain on fedora-board-list.

For these reasons, and after making sure all the parties on both sides
were in agreement, I've done this culling in accordance with Board
policy.  The current members of the list are the people listed on the
wiki as current Board members[2], and John Poelstra by special
appointment in his role as secretary.  After the next Board election
following Fedora 9, we'll revisit the membership list as needed.

= = =
[1] https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-advisory-board/2007-July/msg00214.html 
[2] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Board 

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