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Fedora Bugzilla Instance (was dormant bugs and our perception)

Rahul Sundaram said the following on 01/03/2008 07:35 AM Pacific Time:
> Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:
>>>>>>> "RS" == Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org> writes:
>> RS> The fact that bugz.fp.o is separate instead of being part of
>> RS> bugzilla to me, indicates that we have a problem.
>> I'm having trouble understanding how a quick interface to a few set
>> queries is a problem.  Surely it's a good thing that bugzilla lets us
>> do this.
> Enhancements like this should be part of bugzilla and not a separate
> interface. http://bugzilla.redhat.com/rpm can be modified to do this.
> The reason why we don't it is because pretty much nobody in Fedora has
> access to that bugzilla instance to make improvements that benefit Fedora.
> Rahul

First someone needs to come up with a *compelling* business case for *why* a separate bugzilla instance would truly make things better for Fedora. This is way more complicated than creating a new bugzilla instance so it can be customized by the community. While that might be one "benefit" I don't think it outweighs all the factors that would go into performing the migration and then maintaining it--I think people underestimate how time consuming that would be.

And, if you skipped the data migration, would it really be more efficient to work in two bugzilla instances for a year or more until all of the supported releases were EOL?

Not that this couldn't be done in the future, but I don't think it makes sense any time soon.

If creating addons is an area of interest why couldn't they be proposed as a patch to Red Hat's bugzilla? Internally a project team has been collecting requirements for the next update of bugzilla to be based on bugzilla 3.0. When I asked Will Woods if there were any special requirements needed by Fedora he said there were not.

If there are special changes needed for Fedora someone should start a discussion on fedora-devel or get a wiki page going to collect the requirements.


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