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Re: Fedora Bugzilla Instance (was dormant bugs and our perception)

John Poelstra (poelstra redhat com) said: 
> Okay, maybe that is too "corporate speak" :)
> Up until now the rationale I've seen has mostly been "we should do this 
> because Fedora should do all of its own stuff" or "if we had a separate 
> instance everything would be better".  So far I haven't found any of these 
> arguments to be compelling enough in the face of the disruption it would 
> cause to Fedora and Red Hat.
> Would we be creating more new problems than we are solving?


- ease of incorporating new upstream versions
- with those versions, easier to move bugs and link them to other 
  upstream bug trackers
- able to wipe out old bugs
- removal of various non-upstream 'features' that RH uses that Fedora
  doesn't need


- RH developers no longer have one-stop shopping
- would need RH changes to support moving bugs to RH bugzilla
- would need to run our own instance
- would wipe out old bugs

That's my 10-second view.


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