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FUDCon F9 Bugzilla Planning (was Re: dormant bugs and our perception)

John Poelstra said the following on 01/02/2008 02:14 PM Pacific Time:
 > In other words, we need to create a solid plan with input from lots of
> people and then execute it.  FUDCon would be a great place to get
> started.... not sure if this is a hackfest or barcamp topic.
> John
> [1] I'll post to the wiki and announce once I have something of
> substance.  Most likely not until next week.


During my searching I found that Jon Stanley has also put up a page of ideas which is excellent. I think he has already mentioned it in a post, but I'll give it another plug.

My page probably overlaps in areas and is a 0.3 draft. It is definitely redundant in places and could be tightened up. Feel free to add to it--I'll be making changes to it too up until the time we meet.

I think it is easier to gather proposed ideas for this on one of our wiki pages instead of continuing the mail threads so that there some central places to reference when we start discussing at FUDCon vs. trying to comb through all the mailing list threads again then.


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