New Fedora Privacy Policy

Tom "spot" Callaway tcallawa at
Wed Jul 16 21:47:50 UTC 2008

For a while now, we've been butting up against the Red Hat Privacy
Policy (which we've been using to cover Fedora). To try to address some
of these concerns, I sat down and made a new privacy policy for Fedora
to use that is independent of Red Hat's Privacy Policy. I made a draft,
then sent it over to Red Hat Legal for review. They made some minor
changes and sent it back to me.

Here it is for you folks to look over:

Keep in mind that while this is more open than the Red Hat Privacy
Policy, I think it is more in keeping with the spirit of Fedora. (Also,
it is directly derived from Red Hat's privacy policy, so its not as if I
completely rewrote it from scratch).

Barring any major failures, I plan to present this for approval at next
week's board meeting.

Comments are welcome.



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