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Mon Mar 10 13:55:03 UTC 2008

On Mon, 10 Mar 2008, Bryan Che wrote:

> Hi, discussion on this topic seems to have died down.  What are the 
> steps to get this project "approved" by the Fedora board and community? 
> What are the steps to be able to promote this project?  Is creating a 
> SIG as Jeff suggests the next step?

A SIG is the next step.

The nice thing about a SIG is that it doesn't require any "approval".  You 
just make the wiki page, maybe request a mailing list, and Start Doing 
Stuff (tm).


> Thanks,
> Bryan
> Jeff Spaleta wrote:
>> On Wed, Mar 5, 2008 at 6:38 AM, Matthew Farrellee
>> <mfarrellee+fedora at> wrote:
>>>  The software is already packaged for F9. Initially, there is work to be
>>>  done along the lines of easily enabling the client side for users. Long
>>>  term, there is work to be done for handling NATs/firewalls, trusting
>>>  results, and scaling up to the aforementioned "million+" node open grid.
>> If most of the technology is already available and but needs to be
>> packaged up as part of Fedora, then it sounds like this could be
>> accomplished inside a SIG (Special Interest Group)
>> First, create a SIG page in the wiki that gives some scope to the
>> task.  Look at the Astronomy SIG wikipage for an example
>> Next, identify the packages that are already in and packages that need
>> to get into the repository that support the task. Collect a group of
>> people to work on getting those packages in. Hold regularly scheduled
>> SIG meetings on irc to work on packaging.
>> Then, Identify packages you feel need to be modified, and invite
>> individual maintainers to discuss necessary modifications with the
>> SIG.
>> And while doing that if there is a missing tool set (like a high level
>> config tool), add a tools project to the Fedora hosted service, and
>> avoid using the word Fedora for the tool project's name.
>> -jef
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