Proposal: Fedora at Home Project

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at
Mon Mar 10 17:04:27 UTC 2008

On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 5:50 AM, Bryan Che <bche at> wrote:
> Hi, discussion on this topic seems to have died down.  What are the
>  steps to get this project "approved" by the Fedora board and community?

The only thing the board really needs to 'approve' right now is the
use of the Fedora name.  And perhaps make recommendations to
infrastructure if you end up asking for some sort of centralized
service be run as part of your project.  Have you talked to the fedora
infrastructure team about what it would take in terms of resources to
host an MRG instance?

And it's not clear to me yet that this project should be using the
Fedora name at all.  We want to discourage using Fedora as part of in
any novel software project that is hoped to be adopted beyond the
Fedora project.  If you want any software tools you build to be widely
adopted, you should be hosted as its own software project and
neutrally named.  Which Fedora will then use in a Fedora branded
implementation, like any other organization could choose to do.

>    What are the steps to be able to promote this project?  Is creating a
>  SIG as Jeff suggests the next step?

A SIG page would be extremely helpful to your cause.  It will be sort
of an at-a-glance for people wanting an overview of the project scope,
what you are currently working on, what's been accomplished and what's
left to do.  Preferably with some timelines as to when you expect to
see a testable service up and running, so the Board knows when to take
a closer look at it again and give some feedback.

But I keep coming back to the same question.  If the goal of this
project is putting together  grid of clients using open technology,
will this grid be explicitly made up solely of Fedora clients?  Will
the cpu cycles be directed for Fedora internal needs or for generally
interesting computational problems?  Once the technology is built and
accessible  your SIG will end up having to craft some policy
concerning how grid tasking will be handled.


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