Proposal: Fedora at Home Project

Bryan Che bche at
Mon Mar 10 18:32:43 UTC 2008


> +1 to:
>   a set of brand-neutral projects that drive code development

We are doing most of this work upstream in the Condor community.  So, 
the development work is not Fedora-branded.

>   a Fedora-branded distro that bring the tools together

Do you mean a custom Fedora spin?  I'd love eventually to have this as a 
first-boot option on a standard Fedora distribution where users can 
opt-in to donating CPU cycles.

>   a Fedora-branded instantiation using Fedora infrastructure

To clarify: if we host the live scheduler at Fedora, would we still 
brand this as a Fedora project even if we support having other platforms 
donate CPU cycles?



> --g

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