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Thu Mar 13 17:41:42 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-02-25 at 09:52 -0800, John Poelstra wrote:
> Paul W. Frields said the following on 02/18/2008 01:04 PM Pacific Time:
> > If so, we could do something like the following:
> > 
> > * Each supporting sub-project could offer a point person, maybe the
> > chair, or a delegate who's been around the release cycle a couple times.
> > * The point person gathers a proto-schedule of the sub-project's
> > responsibilities.  (This may already be done, which makes this person's
> > job much easier -- just send a link.)
> > * I've asked John Poelstra to collect these, take a first shot at
> > organizing them, and send copies back to the whole group.  This is a
> > similar process to what he already managed successfully for the overall
> > release plan, only a more granular scale targeting release day in
> > particular.
> We've only heard from Infrastructure so far... I'll start knocking on 
> doors :)

John did this, and I let this get buried in other work, apologies.

Let's put together a conference call for release day planning.  The
motivation is discussed here:

Some folks (like Infrastructure) probably have documented their "leading
to release day" activities, but not all of us have.  If we can use this
session to brainstorm or even to raise issues about what each of our
subprojects has found troublesome in past releases, we stand a good
chance of fixing them for the Preview Release, not to mention the GA for

I am suggesting the following date/time:  
  * 1900 UTC / 3:00pm EDT / 12:00pm  Monday, March 17

I've made a matrix where you can fill out your availability if that
doesn't work for you:

I don't expect this to turn into a weekly phone call -- this is just to
set the stage for future work in a more typical, asynchronous fashion
via IRC or email.  But the human bandwidth of a phone call is better so
I'd just like to do a kickoff that way if possible.

I'll circulate a call-in to the attendees once we have the date/time

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