Codeina and how to proceed

Bill Nottingham notting at
Tue Mar 18 19:52:34 UTC 2008

Paul W. Frields (stickster at said: 
> Some people clearly feel like codeina is doing the Fedora world a
> much-needed service, and others clearly feel that it isn't.  The Board
> decided last week that it's in the latter camp[1], but the decision to
> keep the open-source MP3 codec offering and strip out the other
> closed-source codec offerings rankled several people[2,3,4].
> [1] 
> [2] 
> [3] 
> [4] 
> Other Board members and I responded[5,6,7] to invite people to discuss
> the matter here.
> [5] 
> [6] 
> [7] 
> Is someone willing to take up maintainership of Codeina for F9 at this
> point?  Would it be (A) fitting, or (B) autocratic, for someone on the
> Board to take up that responsibility?

In my opinion, if you're going down the road of not shipping *any* links
in codeina, then patching of codeina to just show a dialog is pointless - 
just nuke the package and implement the dialog elsewhere.


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