Codeina and how to proceed

Bill Nottingham notting at
Wed Mar 19 02:27:37 UTC 2008

Matt Domsch (matt at said: 
> > In my opinion, if you're going down the road of not shipping *any* links
> > in codeina, then patching of codeina to just show a dialog is pointless - 
> > just nuke the package and implement the dialog elsewhere.
> +1.
> I'd really like to see our "education" [1] be able to describe the
> pitfalls of software patents, as the relate to open source / free
> software.  It does this today.

So, some stats:

# of unique IPs requesting the F8 mirrorlist: 1.5 million
# of bittorrent downloads of F8: 293233
# of smolted F8 systems: 158407
# of unique IPs retrieving the codecbuddy page via codeina: 7433

That's somewhere between 0.5% and 4.6% of installs. Probably a lot closer
to the former, especially since this counts rawhide and beta users hitting
codeina, but not those users in the install base.  In other words, it gets
about the same rate as a random click-through internet ad.

For comparison, Max's statistics page (,
chosen as a random page not oriented to end users) recieved 8808 unique
visitors over the same time period.

Is it worth this much effort for (apparently) little result?


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