Fedora Board Recap 2008-MAR-25

John Poelstra poelstra at redhat.com
Fri Mar 28 19:36:40 UTC 2008


== Roll Call ==

Attendees: Paul Frields, Jef Spaleta, Steve Dickson, Seth Vidal, Karsten 
Wade, Bill Nottingham, Matt Domsch, Dennis Gilmore, John Poelstra, Chris 

Regrets: Bob McWirther

== Followup to Previous Business ==

=== fedoraproject.org mail (2008-01-29) ===
  * Take steps to approach changes that were requested in the past
  * Could we create a better start and search page for Fedora mailing list?
  * ACTION: check back on status in one month
  * OWNER: Dennis Gilmore
  * '''FOLLOWUP 2008-02-26'''
    * Dennis has spoken with some people inside RHT IS
    * should have no issues making a fedora branded interface to Red 
Hats mailman instance and having a @fedoraproject.org alias for fedora lists
    * existing lists will stay where they are
    * could migrate all mailing lists to fedoraproject.org in time time 
if so desired
    * driving forces here is:
      1. making everything run Fedora
      1. break ties to RHT IS which does not make Fedora a priority
         * fedoraproject.org email addresses lost four days of email a 
week ago and RHT did nothing to try and remedy the problem
    * '''FOLLOWUP on 2008-03-25'''
      * No update at this time
      * OWNER: Dennis needs to sit down and work things out with Red Hat IS
      * Next followup on 2008-04-29

=== Post-release updates of custom spins (2008-01-29) ===
  * Should the board have to approve them?
  * We will hosts as many spins as we have space for
  * Need to determine the hosting requirements and limits
  * How long will spins stay around?
  * http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/RahulSundaram/SpinsProcess
  * ACTION: Jef to review Rahul's proposal and report back to board
  * OWNER: Jef Spaleta
  * '''FOLLOWUP on 2008-02-12'''
    * Jef is waiting for feedback from Jeremy Katz on release 
engineering's perspective
      * Reference: 
    * People are still not clear on exactly what is required to create 
an official "Fedora Spin"
    * Need a clear list of guidelines of what a spin owner is 
responsible for and what they are required to test
      * Hoping a test  will come from Jeremy Katz as part of feedback 
from release engineering
    * We are only talking about spins that use GA packages, thus testing 
for GA should have given us enough comfort that risk is minimized
       * We only need to be concerned with new combination of packages 
that a spin would present
       * Paul Frields--followup with Fedora Release Engineering and QA 
contingent to discuss testing requirements
       * Jef Spaleta to formulate specific guidelines for review prior 
to or at next board meeting (dependent on feedback from release engineering)
  * '''FOLLOWUP on 2008-02-19'''
    * Crux of issue right now is figuring out exactly what input release 
engineering is supposed to be giving
    * Jef will have a writeup to the board by next meeting
    * Paul will be at the Red Hat office in Westford, MA next week and 
can sit down and work out any of the remaining details with Jeremy, 
Jesse, Will, etc.
  * '''FOLLOWUP on 2008-02-26'''
    * releng has created 
    * Jef has input from Rahul and plans to start writing a draft
  * '''FOLLOWUP on 2008-03-04'''
    * Jef posting proposal to fedora-advisory-board-list: 
  * '''FOLLOWUP on 2008-03-11'''
    * Jef posting updated proposal to fedora-advisory-board-list today 
and ongoing discussion will continue on fedora-advisory-board-list:
    * GOALS:
      1. Solidify rest of the policy this week
      1. Board to vote on proposal at next meeting
  * '''FOLLOWUP on 2008-03-18'''
    * Jef was unable to attend today--deferred to next meeting.
  * '''FOLLOWUP on 2008-03-25'''
    * Remaining issues to resolve before final written proposal:
      1. Specifying what space (infrastructure storage) limits are
      1. Need a policy decision around locally built spins from official 
kickstart files from Fedora CVS (which have trademark approval)
      1. Need to resolve issue with how/where source RPMS will be provided

== New Business ==

=== Trademark Licensing ===
  * Legal preparing an agreement for schwag producers
  * People that want to produce schwag can sign trademark licensing 
    * Control remains with Red Hat to review and enforce usage
  * OWNER: Paul Frields
    1. Continuing to meet with Legal to review final draft
    1. Work to smooth out issue of licensing trademark with custom spins

=== Fedora Accounts ===
  * What are the procedures for disabling questionable Fedora accounts?
  * Continue discussion at next meeting

=== IRC Meeting Next Time ===
  * Channels are already setup and ready go
  * Need moderator
  * Administrative process outlined here: 
  * OWNER: Paul Frields
  * ACTIONS: Check with Max Spevack to see if he will be the moderator again

== Future Business ==

=== Next Meeting ===
  * Date: 2008-04-01
  * Time: 14:00 EDT
  * Location: IRC
     * Public channel to ask questions: #fedora-board-public
     * Moderated channel for board answers: #fedora-board-meetings
     * Board to only join moderated channel so as to focus discussion there

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