Coordinate different education spins/efforts?

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Fri Mar 28 21:18:04 UTC 2008

On Fri, 2008-03-28 at 14:25 +0200, Axel Thimm wrote:
> > Both K12Linux and the Edu-Sig have slightly different target
> > audiences/goals afaics, but they are not that different and I suppose
> > most users will not understand the difference between "K12Linux is
> > Fedora's spin for educational technology." and "The project aims to
> > optimize Fedora for use at universities and schools as well as for
> > education usage by schoolers or students.".
> The way I understand it is that K12Linux is a decendent from K12LTSP
> which was about integrating LTSP into Fedora. The current tag for
> K12Linux is "Using Linux For Your School Server". Furthermore the
> project describes itself more like an upstream project: "K12 Linux is
> really about education, not so much about a particular distro or
> package".
> OTOH the education sig is definitely Fedora specific and looks beyond
> server/client connectivity topics. I'm not sure that merging them
> would really benefit the two groups (that certainly do partly overlap).

This makes some sense.  I'll take a stab at rolling a middle ground out
of this ...

What if the groups agreed to actively work on being connected to each
other?  As well as cleaning up the project pages so they interlock and
don't appear to contradict.

How to be connected?

* Make f-education-l the place for discussing the meta-topic of Fedora
in education.  On-topic includes:  various spins, OLPC branches,
evangelizing K12LTSP + Fedora, etc.

* Have the K12LTSP list focus on the technical details of making Fedora
a first rate/first class distro for running K12LTSP on top of.  Anything
about general Fedora and education is off-topic and should go to the
f-edu-l list.

Then everyone on the K12LTSP list should subscribe to the f-edu-list,
but the reverse is not needed.  Work is done on that list to work out
interlocked project, feature, and spin pages.

Why this method benefits both parties:

* Gives Ambassadors one, connected story to tell, which
* Makes better connections at events where K12LTSP is present, and
* We can start to look for other, greater connections (Fedora CC
Education Spin, Fedora Blender Spin for Students, etc.)
* Provides technical and social bits for different kinds of contributors
to chew on

- Karsten
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