Coordinate different education spins/efforts?

sebastian at sebastian at
Sun Mar 30 17:20:26 UTC 2008

> The way I understand it is that K12Linux is a decendent from K12LTSP
> which was about integrating LTSP into Fedora. The current tag for
> K12Linux is "Using Linux For Your School Server". Furthermore the
> project describes itself more like an upstream project: "K12 Linux is
> really about education, not so much about a particular distro or
> package".

AFAIK, Warren is currently working on bringing the LTSP into Fedora.
He owns a feature for Fedora 9 ( ),
stating "Integration of LTSP5 to enable easy terminal server and thin 
client capability.".
So it seems like they are getting more Fedora-orientated (former 
releases have also been Fedora-based).
The K12LTSP project has been around for some time, while the SIG has 
been quite new.

> OTOH the education sig is definitely Fedora specific and looks beyond
> server/client connectivity topics. I'm not sure that merging them
> would really benefit the two groups (that certainly do partly 

The Education SIG belongs directly to Fedora. But is a further 
cooperation between these two projects useful or not.
It does not really makes sense, to produce a Fedora Education Spin ( )
and then have another K12 Desktop spin ( ), since this would only confuse 
the users:
We would have two different spins (and maybe a third one) with only a 
slightly different target.
As a user, how could I know, which spin to chose? And in the end, these 
spins might almost look alike (but we would have done the work twice).
Therefore, I think we should coordinate the whole thing a little bit 
So, "who is doing what?", and "which mailing list and which project 
belong to which task?".
I think a further discussion would help here - it would not even be 
necessary to merge the two projects,
but IMHO a clarification of the tasks would be very useful.
But then, both projects would need to agree to collaborate - trying to 
stay the course without any talks would _not_ work then.
Maybe Warren (and others) could comment on this.

> At least that's my (short) experience with the two projects. Note 
> the EDU sig is quite fresh and thus doesn't quite have a record of
> activities to back this up.

This might be correct, but I think it would be good to work out a rough 
plan how to work together,
since otherwise it is very likely, that we would be doing the same work 

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