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On Fri, 2008-10-31 at 13:27 -0500, Mike McGrath wrote:

> This is a small but important detail.  I'd like to make an exception for
> OLPC and the Sugar build.  I know not the reasons this build did not make
> the feature freeze but they did not.  When they asked for space on Fedora
> People they were told no.  So they kept asking around until someone
> increased their space on Fedora People and I had to be the bad guy.


>  Fedora's policies and procedures are far from
> perfect, but they are there.  If you don't like them change them but don't
> think Infrastructure is going to route around what has been put in place.

I think the Sugar spin was also the victim of bad timing, which is why I
would consider requesting/recommending an _exception_ to the rule.  It's
OK to break rules, as long as it is known, discussed, and approved.  I
agree, we do not want people (un)intentionally gaming our system.

My recollection of Board discussions around space and bandwidth hogs
such as spins and secondary archs are pretty clear -- we were very much
in favor of space/band usage being the sole discretion of Infrastructure
in consultation with Release Engineering.  If that is not clear, let's
make it so.

So, what I see here instead is that you _do_ have the final say on this,
and you are asking f-a-b if "no" is a big deal from a Project
perspective.  I don't see that you have to ask permission.  I also
appreciate that you are asking for this guidance, just in case it is a
big deal, etc.

In pursuit of that, I've asked Greg to comment on this thread and help
negotiate wherever needed.  Hopefully he'll know the big deal/no big
deal and so forth.

- Karsten
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