Request for trademark usage approval

Yuan Yijun bbbush.yuan at
Thu Nov 6 13:10:13 UTC 2008


We some fedora ambassadors are setting up a new website (currently
planned as http://{bbs,wiki,news} ). The "bbs" site is
for user support, the "wiki" site is open to anyone who will write
fedora tutorials, and the "news" site is for translated announcements
and activities among Chinese users.

Our copyright and license plans are posted on fedora-docs:
But ke4qqq in #fedora-docs told me to best request FAB for trademark
usage first.

So would you please grant us the permission to use fedora trademark on
the website, including domain names, site names and contents? What are
the detailed requirements?

Actually we had requested for logo usage on (the
first up and running) as well as our mailing list "fedora-activity" on
google group. I'll write to get the permission for the rest subsites.


bbbush ^_^

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