Fedora 11 schedule proposal

Max Spevack mspevack at redhat.com
Wed Nov 12 21:15:16 UTC 2008

On Wed, 12 Nov 2008, Jeff Spaleta wrote:

> Is this really Board fodder at all?  I'm of the opinion that RelEng 
> oversight is completely and utterly FESCo's jurisdiction.

I'm inclined to agree.

> if FESCo can't come to a decision on this... is the Board better 
> equipped to do it?  I really really doubt we'd overrule FESCo's 
> decision given the same public discussion as context .

When a sub-committee or sub-project of Fedora can't come to a decision 
on something, it is the Board's mandate to see to it that the decision 
is still made in a timely fashion, and to provide not only the decision, 
but also the rationale behind it.

And if the Board is deadlocked, then the FPL must make the call.

That doesn't mean the Board or the FPL has to make the decision all by 
themselves, but the decision MUST still be made.


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