Election Town Halls

Matt Domsch matt at domsch.com
Mon Nov 24 17:16:32 UTC 2008

When setting up the upcoming elections, based on participant requests,
I announced we would have some IRC Town Halls, for each of the groups
being elected, between Thursday December 4 and Saturday December 6.

I'd like to propose each group have at least one, and if the group so
wishes, two, such town halls.  If two, schedule them at somewhat
opposite times of day to allow greatest community participation in at
least one.

Schedule: non-overlapping, first-come-first-serve by the groups.  I've
put up a placeholder schedule for the Board town halls, subject to
revision based on availability of the nominees.

Committee chairs: please discuss with your nominees the best times
they are available, and schedule on the wiki page [1] accordingly.

Moderators: consider this a call for moderators. If you would like to
moderate one or more sessions, please contact me directly.  Moderators
will take questions from the -public IRC channel, ask them in the
-townhall channel, and try to keep the conversations on topic.

I've set up two IRC rooms on FreeNode:
#fedora-townhall - moderator and those running for election may speak,
                   anyone else can read.

#fedora-townhall-public - anyone can speak.  Questions asked here may
                          be presented by the moderator in


(all current nominees have been bcc'd)


[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Elections

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