Fedora Board Meeting Recap 2008-09-09

John Poelstra poelstra at redhat.com
Thu Sep 11 00:27:07 UTC 2008

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== Roll Call ==

Attendees: Everyone on #fedora-board-meeting

== Codecs (2008-05-13) ==
* Need to restart discussion on fedora-advisory-board redhat com to get 
plans in place at the start of F10
* Chris Aillon to make contact with Bastien Nocera to find out what 
current plans are
* Waiting on bug 438225 to proceed
** this change will enable auto-provide for codec information
** For Fedora 10 removing Codeina and using the distribution's built-in 
mechanism to install packages (if 438225) is implemented
** For Fluendo to continue to provide codecs to Fedora they will need to 
provide them as packages in a yum repo
** This errs on the side of more "free-ish" software
# ACTION :: Paul - request feature page from developer
# FESCo should track bug 438225 since this falls into their mandate
* '''FOLLOWUP''' (2008-08-05):
** Feature page still in the works and FESCo is tracking bug 438225
* '''FOLLOWUP''' (2008-09-09):
** Paul Frields has pinged the RPM dev team again about that feature 
page, but having difficulty reaching them
** Panu has said that he will handle bug 438225

== Trademark Guidelines (2008-07-01) ==
* Board would like to help guide the process of expanding the use of the 
Fedora trademark
* Helpful to brainstorm by thinking of Fedora trademark usage in four ways:
# Things the board wants Fedora to be able to do with the trademark
# Things the board wants the Fedora community to be able to freely do 
with trademark
# Things the board wants other people to reasonably be expected to be 
able to do, but ask the Fedora Board first
# Things that the board never wants people to use the Fedora trademark for
* '''OWNER''': Paul Frields
* '''ACTIONS''':
*# circulate ideas and foster discussion on 
fedora-advisory-board at redhat.com list
*# return feedback to the board for discussion on: 2008-08-05
*# Latest updates: 
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Pfrields/NewTrademarkGuidelines (see 
also discussion tab)
*'''FOLLOW-UP''' (2008-08-05):
** Board definitely wants a Fedora trademark of some sorts for spins and 
other uses--derivative works
** Still unsure on how best to proceed on issues related to:
**# official spins
**# unofficial spins
**# branded USB keys
**# OEM pre-loads
**# Fedora business cards
**# Fedora apparel and conference materials (see section on Non-software 
** Everyone should add uncovered use cases to wiki page (see above) ASAP
** Paul Frields will be working with Red Hat Legal starting this week to 
move the process forward
*'''FOLLOW-UP''' (2008-09-09):
** RH Legal is reviewing them and the newest state of that page 
incorporates their most recent review
** would really like to have that wrapped up by the end of the month if 
at all possible.
** Related discussion about SELinux being required for spins
*** This should not block or impact trademark work
*** Will add a section to trademark guidelines to encompass issues like 
SELinux under using the wording "pursuant to other technical requirements"
**# Continue discussion about SELinux on 
fedora-advisory-board at redhat.com list
**# Release Engineering and Spins SIG should draw up minimum technical 
requirements to use the Fedora name

== Board Questions & Answers ==
* Topics covered included:
** Infrastructure intrusion
** Creating a response plan
** SELinux, custom Spins, and trademark usage
** Infrastructure secured
* See transcript (below) for details

== IRC Transcript ==

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