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Mon Sep 15 13:45:59 UTC 2008

Steve Hill wrote:
> There is a discussion currently going on in the fedora-list[1] as well 
> as Ubuntu's Launchpad[2] about the introduction of an EULA in FireFox 
> 3[3]. There is also a bug filed in Mozilla's bugzilla on the subject[4].
> An EULA does, of course, contravene freedom 0 of the FSF's four 
> freedoms (namely, the ability to use the software for any purpose 
> without restriction), which brings the freeness of FireFox into question.
> As a distribution founded on the principles of Free software, what is 
> the Fedora Project's policy on the subject?  There is talk of Ubuntu 
> dropping FireFox in favour of IceWeasel (which would have the same 
> feature set as FireFox but without the EULA) - are there plans for 
> Fedora to follow suit and treat FireFox in the same way as other 
> non-Free software, such as non-Free drivers, etc.?
> Whilst the signal to noise ratio on that Launchpad ticket is quite 
> poor, there are some fairly good points raised and it is worth a read.

We are also discussing at the OSI board level, FWIW.


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