Fedora- Ireland Website?

Matt Domsch matt at domsch.com
Mon Sep 15 17:22:52 UTC 2008

On Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 05:35:26PM +0100, Frank Murphy wrote:
> Going back to school on Tuesday.
> Will have to create a website as part of it,
> using whatever app is specified.
> Rather than creating a fictitious site,
>  was thinking of putting together a fedora-Ireland site.
> Which after the schooling could be used,
> a basis for Ireland\Fedora users.
> Looking for some feedback on the idea (1), and the use of the name
> fedora (2) in a registered domain.

I would worry about the long-term implications of such.  For my part,
when I was in school, projects I did rarely lived longer than the end
of finals week.  As the Infrastructure and Websites teams will attest,
maintaining a useful website takes long-term effort.

I'm also unclear what special needs the subset of the Fedora community
which may consitute "Ireland Fedora users" would have, different from
the global Fedora community, which would be worth the investment in
creating such a new site / subgroup.   Could such be accomplished
using existing Fedora infrastructure?  Would that also meet the needs
of your class assignment?

If the class calls for using Microsoft FrontPage or Macromedia
Dreamweaver, there may be little overlap between the site you're
developing, and the community you would be promoting.

I'd also be surprised if your professor required you to register a
domain name.  I'd be less surprised if you were expected to create
this "site" within your own webspace on your school's servers.  Such a
local, somewhat temporary (expires when you leave school or the class
ends) "fan site" should not require trademark approval.  But if you're
going to put in the effort to sustain this long-term, then a domain
and approval would make sense.

Food for thought.


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