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Frank Murphy frankly3d at gmail.com
Mon Sep 15 18:54:48 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-09-15 at 12:22 -0500, Matt Domsch wrote:

> I would worry about the long-term implications of such.  For my part,
> when I was in school, projects I did rarely lived longer than the end
> of finals week.  As the Infrastructure and Websites teams will attest,
> maintaining a useful website takes long-term effort.

It does, but if it's something that interests one.

> I'm also unclear what special needs the subset of the Fedora community
> which may consitute "Ireland Fedora users" would have, different from
> the global Fedora community, which would be worth the investment in
> creating such a new site / subgroup.
>  Could such be accomplished
> using existing Fedora infrastructure? 

Probably, but I don't see too many Irish head(s) jumping forward at the
moment. What trying to do is kickstart it, then progress from there.

>  Would that also meet the needs
> of your class assignment?

Probably not, is a particular program is specified.

> If the class calls for using Microsoft FrontPage or Macromedia
> Dreamweaver, there may be little overlap between the site you're
> developing,
Agreed, does that mean I should not promote Fedora in case my class sees

>  and the community you would be promoting.

It's a PC class and an opportunity for exposure to ppl who in the normal
course of events may never hear\know of Fedora. 

> I'd also be surprised if your professor required you to register a
> domain name.  

He wouldn't but the fact, I did it would be kudos to me, 
as above.

> I'd be less surprised if you were expected to create
> this "site" within your own webspace on your school's servers.  

Normally the sites are created on students cdrw\usb-stick.

> Such a
> local, somewhat temporary (expires when you leave school or the class
> ends) "fan site" should not require trademark approval. 
 But if you're
> going to put in the effort to sustain this long-term, then a domain
> and approval would make sense.
What I want is something more permanent, so when school, it can be
continued as a focal point.

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