Orange Sombrero 9 Released - based on Fedora

Jeroen van Meeuwen kanarip at
Sun Sep 21 01:25:45 UTC 2008

One more Software Freedom Day well spent ;-)

I'm proud to announce a new minor player in the world of insignificant 
clones of major, important Free and Open Source Linux Distributions,

      *bling*  Orange Sombrero - /based on Fedora/ *bling*

Orange Sombrero starts with releasing version number 9 - the same 
version number as the upstream distribution, Fedora, to avoid confusion.

Has anything been changed?

Yeah, a patch to anaconda[1,2] that didn't make it in in time for the 
Fedora 10 Beta freeze has been applied to compose this release -which is 
sort of the entire use case behind the patch anyway. Also, a different 
branch of Revisor has been used that uses the patch to anaconda[3].

Since I've got limited bandwidth and disk space, this is a 1 CD 
distribution. If I had bandwidth and disk space, I might have thrown in 
a mid-release Everything Spin but I couldn't. Also, given that this is a 
1 CD distribution, I've added an install class to anaconda so that it 
selects the correct groups of packages. Who needs "Office & 
Productivity" if there's only @core and @base, right? "Base System" FTW! 
It was fun, it took me 4 koji scratch builds of anaconda and another 
number of composes to get it "right".

Note that despite these changes the installed system will behave just 
the same as Fedora. In fact, if you look really hard, there's the 
occasional "Fedora" in there, still -maybe that's because I used 
fedora-release, which I should be able to do without trademark 
violations, even though /etc/fedora-release still says "Fedora" ;-)

Why bother?

Trademark guidelines right now say a derivative distribution cannot use 
"based on Fedora" -which is bad, and Orange Sombrero is now raising some 
red flags about it. Work is well on it's way to improve that 
situation[4] though, for which I thank everyone involved. I hope soon, 
very soon, derivative's of Fedora pop up everywhere, like mushrooms in 

Where is it? (torrents)

On behalf of the entire Orange Sombrero Community (e.g. ~1 person),

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen


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